Different shaker screen configuration on cloth

Different shaker screen configuration leads screen performance variation. We ever talked this before, however, many clients will some time inquire us this. Please find more information below

Different shaker screen configuration

Here, we are talking about configuration on shaker screen cloth. Including the screen mesh size, the mesh type, the wire diameter. We know screen cloth with same mesh but different wire diameter will lead different conductance and the non blanked area

Besides the mesh size and wire diameter, the screen openings shape will affect the conductance and non blanked area as well. Usually, there are square hole screen cloth and rectangular hole screen

Different shaker screen configuration

Different shaker screen configuration

Different manufacturers will produce shaker screen with various screen configuration. Some will put screen with rectangular holes and square hole screen, some will put all layers screen with square holes, also some put all layers wire mesh with rectangular hole

Why so many different configuration?

When we face different shale shaker, different drilling mud or well drilling condition, the different shaker screen configuration will provide user different efficiency and function. For example, the rectangular hole will give us more effective filtration area so lead higher efficiency

If the screen with thicker wire than same mesh screen, user will definitely have a longer life shaker screen. Even some manufacturer will put 4 layers wire mesh together for more durable and anti-abrasion.

Aipu shaker screen configuration

Aipu shaker screens are conform to API RP13C. The screens from API 60 are 3 layered. We configure screen with rectangular and square hole combination. The conductance and non blanked area have been tested by professional test center of API

We are now gonna test our other screens configuration to make sure the market grade ones conform to API RP13C as well. Thus, all users will have more options. Trust, you will find ideal shaker screen at Aipu anytime

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