Difference between low price screen and high price screen

Low price screen or high price screen? This is a question existing decades. Almost shaker screen users will ask a question to themselves or to suppliers. Let’s talk about this issue in detail. What issues you have not thought about?

Should we use screen replacement at a higher price?

Yes, if we are the end user using material and equipment for well drillings or mud process. This is a suggestion from Aipu Solids Control. As we all know, it’s not an issue just about price or money. Frankly speaking, to users or clients a higher price may not be definitely higher quality. However, price is an important factor that reflects the quality level.

As a screen manufacturer, we know there are many procedure and materials leading to quality difference. For example, wire mesh holds 145mesh woven by S.S304 and S.S316 the price difference is 30-40% as per practical market. And for the composite frame, there is an element for appearance color. Almost all manufacturers use color granule, which is a lower cost. However, we use another material that makes a better evenness and general features of the panel frame, the result is its cost higher.

AIPU Screen panel

AIPU Screen panel

Considering another issue a higher price screen is almost reasonable but not sky-high. It including quality material, professional technique and procedure, as well as reasonable profit for manufacturers. Then they can keep going on making high quality shaker screens. Just try to imagine, if you make something always without benefit or little benefit how could you insist on doing it? And cooperation base is win-win, right?

So, in another word a higher price product usually is also an ensure of better service. And win-win ensures lasting cooperation leads to a stable business and benefit.

Why do we consider price or cost?

We are talking about this here aim to provide professional suggestion to operators and contractors. There are tens of price level, they almost stand for tens of quality level. There is an old saying: “You get what you pay for” We have talked many things many times about quality in previous posts, different input leads to different output definitely.

Some clients may ask “We are seeking replacement since original ones are expensive, how can you be so confident that AIPU replacement screens are better than others’ and do you suggest us using original screen panels?” From the very beginning of screen manufacture decides screen quality. Including our mission, our capability, all of our people, our operation during all procedures. You can find out the details in the past text. Furthermore, we do need to consider our budget, the cost-effectiveness. That means considering direct cost and the potential cost on time and overall cost not only price on each panel screen. A more applicable consideration is calculating the cost of all screen used for whole well drilling. If possible, consider the mud cost as well.

Reasonable price screen

Reasonable price screen

Shaker screen as an important wearing part will affect much on whole drilling project cost control. Because it’s the key separation medium for harmful cuttings and maintain or recycle the useful barite at the earlier stage of the whole mud system. And for each set of shale shaker, there are usually 3-4 panels of screen. If the drilling condition is very hard and the drilling mud property is tough as well, the screens are easy to damage. Sometimes, even a panel of an original screen can last only 20 hours. So, the general and total screen life is important, the final overall cost of screen and drilling mud is also the reference of drillings.

Difference between high price screen and low price screen.

Let’s see this point on below tips

  1. Service life. If under the same working condition (all factors are the same) we believe higher price screen last longer.
  2. Different from each other. If necessary check the screens by the spectrometer. This will help us to confirm and get the true value of each element contained in the screen cloth.
  3. Including different effective area, conductance value, accuracy of cut point, separation efficiency. Higher price screen performs better since earlier making and QC procedure.
  4. Such as the edge of the screen panel. The higher price screen holds no sharp edge, and it holds an exquisite look.
  5. Higher price panels hold clear and sufficient information. It’s steady and adaptable for hard condition.
  6. You can find higher price screen is packed in a strong and compact package for different shipment ways.
  7. This is the direct effect and impression by visual. We trust higher price screens hold a better and more beautiful appearance. You will find this when compare higher price screen with the lower price one

How do we get the above information and suggestions? We are manufacturer have shared over 20 years of experience, and we have got feedback from many different clients. Aipu didn’t do it well at the beginning either, but now we have improved much. You also can compare our screens with others’, the difference is obvious. Just like all of our clients have done.

Do you need any sample of Aipu high quality screen? Ye, it’s high cost, however, we think an ideal and optimal solutions to users is our aim and our pleasure. Please contact us by click here


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