Derrick shaker screens appearance

Derrick shaker screens appearance is the surface feature of screen panels. Including the surface color, the screen panel penetration hole, and so on

Derrick shaker screens appearance

Including not only the screen panel color, but also the screen panel type. The punched holes on screen panel, lifting handle for pick screen up, flat or with waves, obvious material, tags or labels, backside rubber seal, etcetera.

As different models of shaker will be fit with different shaker screens. The appearance will vary accordingly. For example, FLC500 series shaker screen are hook strap with under hook tensed by the tensioning assembly both sides, while 48×30 series screen are hook strap with upper side hook tensioning.

Shaker screens for Derrick shaker almost including both flat and corrugated panel. Such as PMDFLC500, PMD48x30, PMD HYP shaker screen, and so on

Derrick shaker screens 48x30PMD

Derrick shaker screens 48x30PMD

Replacement Derrick shaker screens appearance

Cater for many clients’ demand on replacement Derrick shaker screen many shaker screen manufacturers provide replacement shaker screen with different design. Such as the surface color, there are gray, green; the punched holes are rectangular and square one, also some hexagonal one

For replacement 48×30 series screen the hook strips are designed with opening for compatibility of screen panels on Derrick FLC2000 shakers. Some of the panels will be no opening according to clients’ requirement

These are general surface feature we can find easily. Better screen appearance will impress people with higher quality or more exquisite. Appearance of shaker screen reflect quality in some degree and also the attitude of manufacturer on produce and service

How do Aipu replacement Derrick shaker screens look like?

Most of Aipu shaker screen sales are repeat orders from former clients who ever tested our screen panels. They are pleased with our screens since the great appearance, good package, high performance, durable quality, as well as the cost-efficiency

Some clients will tell, our screen price is much higher. Please do trust, different leveled cost will lead different level of quality. Aipu replacement shaker screen are great appearance on aspects, the screen cloth surface, the detail of plate, the backside rubber, and so on. Why not request a sample for free?

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