Shaker screens installation way and tips

Shaker screens installation way is how we install screen on shaker deck. Different shaker screen request different installation way. Shaker design decides screen type and installation.

Shaker screens installation ways

There are upside hook strip, down side hook strip, the wedge block tensioning way. As well as the bolted mounting way. Mechanical seal, hydraulic pressed way, and so on. Installation way is relative with deck design. Screen type, material affect installation too.

For example, the famous brand NOV Brandt Cobra series screen are all fixed by wedge block. They are steel framed and pretensioned screen. While the 4X5 shaker screen will be fixed by tensioning hook. Tensioning assembly including bolts and hook. Under such combination screens will be hooked steadily

Shaker screens installation

Shaker screens installation

Hook strip screen also including the down side tensioning. For example, the small bottom screen for desander or desilter. They will be tensioned tightly and hooked back ward.

New installation way is the hydraulic press system. There will be complete pressing system to keep screen steadily under strong pressure. When we replace or uninstall screen just need to switch a rod. Then screen panels will be released

Features and benefits of installation

Shaker screens installation bring related feature and benefits to users. The wedge blocked screen request less spare parts and easy to install. The hook strip screen is more tight than wedge blocked on. Usually, hook strap one will cost less than framed screen.

The hydraulic pressed screen will be more easy to install and uninstall. We just need to operate the control rod the screens will be released at once. Some shale shaker manufacturer will combine hook and pressure together. That means the screen tensioned by hook and fixed by bolts. Also realized tight and steady effect installation.

Shaker screens available

Based on shaker screen installation way, Aipu provide almost screen in oilfield. The hook strip screen, including metal back bonded, plastic bonded, and un-bonded screen. Also the flat and corrugated panel. The blocked screen including the steel frame and composite frame screen. Furthermore, the polyurethane screen including hook strip and wedge blocked type.

Just tell us what you need. What are you interested in? You will find your shaker screen solutions here.


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