Shaker screen repair plugs for sale

Shaker screen plug is a tool used to repair screen panel. It is rather helpful to save cost and increase repair efficiency. Especially for framed shaker screens

Screen plug types

Screen plug can be made of different material. Such as rubber, composite material or even the polyurethane. As per shaker screen surface hole, the screen plug can be designed as rectangular one, hexagonal one, square one, even triangle one.

Screen plug

Screen plug

Some manufacturer will produce repair plugs with body and caps, some will just produce simple block but right fit the hole. The screen repair plugs can be black, white, yellow, red, etc. different colors. But almost of them are black one. Based on clients’ preference they can be any color.

Repair plug application

Repair plug was created by M-I SWACO  company. The plugs are widely used on many types screen panel. For the framed screens, hook strap screen. Such as the Mongoose series screen, King Cobra shaker screen, the FLC500 screen. When we find there is damaged surface on screen cloth we can put right fit plug to repair the screen.

Put plugs can repair shaker screen very fast and easy. This will save much time and reduce a lot of maintenance&repair cost. Under plug blocked on screen panel the screen won’t occur large area damage in short time.

How to use screen plug

Identify the damaged panel. Repair plugs can be fitted into any location within the frame (except those openings adjacent to the shaker side walls). Turn the screen over and lay the screen on a flat surface (a bench or the floor, for example) in an area free of obstructions. Place the plug above the damaged panel with the hollow section facing up. Push the plug in as far as it goes.

Place a second plug on top of the first plug with the hollow section facing down.Push down on both plugs with your hand until the first plug clicks into place. If the plug does not click into place, use a hammer or a mallet to tap the second plug. Hold the sec- ond plug in place with a finger to prevent it from jumping back. Make sure both ends of the plug are struck firmly.When the plug is fitted correctly, the second plug will sit flush with the rest of the frame. Remove the second plug from the frame. Once the first plug is in place, it cannot be removed.

According to above instruction you will get optimal usage and quick solution on shaker screen and plugs.

Aipu Screen plugs for sale

Come to Aipu solids control, we can provide you screen repair plug shaped rectangular one, hexagonal one, and square one. For the colors, now you can select black, and orange one. If you have other requirement please tell us freely. We promise you will get high quality plug for saving cost and time.


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