Shaker screen life and quality evaluation tip

Shaker screen life is treated as critical issue to tell quality of the screen usually. However, the performance of filtration and efficiency should be treated seriously, too.

Shaker screen life impacted by factors below

Shaker screen quality itself

Shaker screen rightness for drilling phase (Cuttings content, Geology condition)

Shale shaker condition (Any broken on shaker deck? Tensioning tool?)

Drilling mud property (density/gravity/viscosity)

Mud engineer professionality

Mud workers’ operation is legal or not

Shaker Screen life

Shaker Screen life

How to improve screen life?

Making sure that correct selection on screen mesh size and screen panel type for shaker. Let the operators be trained before operate shaker or screen. Especially for some screen replacement and handling. They should use the installation tools properly and legally.

Then, consult the engineer on screen operation or replacement during well drilling. Such as the mesh size, the hole pattern, and even the cut point (D100). More accurate selection provides better performance and better screen life

How to evaluate screen quality?

Not only consider the screen life but we should also consider the screen performance. Then how to evaluate screen performance? The filtration or cut point accuracy. We can test the mud after an operation while. Analyze the cuttings or solid content. Doing the test on drilling fluids property.

Or, we can evaluate mud loss or saving then calculate mud cost. If we have saved cost or increased cost. Of course, we need to do such evaluation at a certain same condition or similar condition

Have you ever faced problem on screen quality and performance? You may use the original NOV Brandt screen but last only 10 hours or less. You may use the screen made by Derrick but only last about 4 hours.

Screen life is not the only issue to evaluate screen quality. Please consider the factors completely and get the optimal products and suppliers.

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