Drilling mud shaker screen selection in well drilling

Drilling mud shaker screen selection is an important work. Certain drilling condition may request different screen to achieve optimal filtration and performance

Drilling mud shaker screen selection

There are some software to help select shaker screen mesh size. Data of software is almost result in lab with more limitations. Any drilling fluid additives may decrease shale shaker treating capacity. For example, the drilling fluid with starch may pass through screen hard. As fine screen is easy to be blocked by starch.

The high static shear drilling fluid is hard to pass through fine screen too. We can’t tell much on proper screen for certain type fluid. Drilling fluid shaker screen selection should be confirmed by many many test. We kindly suggest user contact shaker screen manufacturer. Or we can contact the drilling mud supplier

Drilling mud shaker screen

Drilling mud shaker screen

Shaker screen in different shaker operation and combination

Different shaker operation/combination requests different drilling mud shaker screen selection. For example, there is tandem shaker system. Some shale shaker will be used to remove large particle and clay. The other shakers will be used to process smaller solid.

We can only use API 80-API 120 screen since past technology. However, such combination still performed rather well. Especially, at offshore site. The screen consumption is less the shaker capacity exceeds expectation.

Thanks to linear motion and BEM shaker development, API 200 screen used in tandem shaker system. In large mud circulation system eagerly to use fine screen. At the deep drilling process, drilling fluid velocity is slower and solid is less. Scalping screen is an insurance unit, at this time, the scalping screen can be only API 10.

How to know your screen is proper?

The ideal drilling mud shaker screen should be more economical. And cost-efficient for whole solids removal system. Filtration efficiency is much higher. Fluid velocity or conductance is larger. It’s hard to be blocked or pasted. Compared to other screen, service life is longer under same working condition.

All shakers performance will be affected by shaker screen quality. Manufacturers will have their own fabrication way on shaker screen. Various of configuration and technique will lead different screen performance/quality

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