Shale shaker screen installation way

Shaker screens are divided into various type according to the appearance, installation way, and materials. How many different installation way? And how can we install shale shaker screen well?

Shaker screen installation

Prior to shipment, some shale shaker manufacturers won’t install shaker screens to protect screen panel. Then shaker screen installation will be effected by users. And, if the original shaker screens are broken we have to replace them also request us to install new screens

Before shaker screen installation please shut down the shaker including close the feeder. When we place screen panel onto shaker deck, make sure that all components are in good condition, and replace any worn or damaged components. Thoroughly clean screen installation parts such as draw bars,  contact positions between cross supports, channel protectors, side supports, screens itself, or the wedge block to avoid future failures/troubles caused by this

Shaker screen installation

Shaker screen installation

Shaker screens installation way

We know shaker screen installations vary much of different manufacturers. including hook strap screen, wedge blocked screen. Hook strap screen usually is tensioned by draw bar via tensioning bolts. The draw bar and bolts will be designed significantly different

Another popular installation way is wedge block. Framed shaker screen will be pressed steadily by the wedge block. Including the steel framed screen and composite frame screen. By now, some manufacturers have designed the framed screen to be tensioned by draw bar as well.

How do we install screens well

No matter hook strap screen or wedge block tensioned screen we have to install shaker screens steadily and properly. Legal shaker screen installation will ensure shale shaker high efficiency, performance and long service life.

Hook strap shaker screen

Hook strap shaker screen

Take hook strap screen as example, cross draw bolts over the oblique locating holes on screen frame side walls from inside, install a spherical washer, a spring washer and a nut from outside of screen frame in sequence, and keep nut in the middle of screw threads at both ends of the bolt. Put a screen panel on shaker deck, slide panel to come into contact with locating bars on one side of screen bed, and slide against shoulder of cross support at the feed end of the screen frame. Confirm that heads of draw bolts are oriented in the unlocked position.

Ensure that screen panels are properly centered across the width of the screen bed, locating bars are provided along the interior wall on one side of the screen bed. When installing a shaker screen firstly tight bolts on the side with locating bar. When removing the screen panel of shale shaker, first loosen bolts on the other side without locking bar

If you still have problem on shaker screen installation, please come to us now!


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