High quality shaker screen for used shale shaker

High quality shaker screen will benefit user much on shale shaker operation. No matter the new fabricated or used shaker.

High quality shaker screen features

We ever talked this before. The high quality shaker screen should be firstly packed well with good package, and holding good appearance. This will show the manufacturer quality control ability and attitude on produce as well as service. It should be sticked with clear sticker of screens information, such as mesh size, model number, batch number. And if they are API 13C conformed screen there should be detail API designation including the API size, cut point, NBA,COND, etc.

Furthermore, the essential and deeper features are the effective area, non blanked area, the conductance. Usually, we treat high conductance and larger non-blanked area as the reason of high efficiency or capacity. If supplier don’t have a test report finalized by reputed unit please try to test the screens at job site for objective result. After our first test, if we were satisfied they will and should do all screens as this tested one. Then we’ll enjoy stable performance of screen in long term. If not, we need supplier to improve screen and test them again

High quality shaker screen

High quality shaker screen

Used shale shaker

Many users prefer the used shale shaker may have many reason. Such as they only focus on certain brand used shaker for the high quality and performance. Or they have the budget limit, also they may prefer to operating  familiar equipment under same way. Furthermore, they also consider the consumption of screens

The shaker screens for used shale shaker should be completely interchangeable with original screen. The design and quality will not be affected by shaker shelf time or operation time. But we must consider the screen quality prior to selecting manufacturer and screens

Available shaker screen for used shaker

Pleased to say Aipu is able to produce replacement screen for all modes and makes shaker screen in oilfield both new and used shaker. Including the high quality shaker screen replacement for NOV Brandt shaker, SWACO shaker, Derrick shaker, and so on. We also provide the custom build service.

If you do have used shaker request high quality shaker screen please contact Aipu solids control freely


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