Polyurethane shaker screens manufacture

Polyurethane shaker screens are made of durable polyurethane. They are different with common stainless steel shaker screens. The apertures, the appearance, the manufacture process, etc.

Polyurethane shaker screens

There are hook strip polyurethane screen. The wedge blocked frame polyurethane screen panel. The bolts fastened panel screen. All types polyurethane screen were used in dewatering, drying, mining, etcetera application or industry. They are more durable, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive. Polyurethane shaker screens are special manufacture process. The polyurethane screen are made by mould.

Polyurethane shaker screens

Polyurethane shaker screens

Polyurethane screen openings widely range from 0.05 to 170mm. According to different working condition and use the opening will be selected accordingly. Nowadays, the polyurethane screen is popular in oil drilling fluid process.

Urethane screen features

The urethane screen are popular since many features and benefits. Including the light weight, high mechanical strength, heat-isolated, anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, beautiful appearance, and so on

Polyurethane shaker screen is rather flexible and hard to deform. Completely integrated with metal material and hard to spill out. The surface is more clean. The size and dimension is stable without deformation.

Urethane shaker screen will produce little noise. All above listed features lead urethane screen long service life. It can be used in many many industry and application. Such as coal, iron, mechanical, metallurgy, construction, and so on. They are adaptable for both dry and wet materials

Benefits of polyurethane screens

Compared with other shaker screen, the polyurethane shaker screens benefit project much. For example, in the drilling mud solids control. The working life of polyurethane shaker screens are much much longer. Since the durability and load capacity is rather high.

Stainless steel screen is easy to be blocked. Polyurethane screens are more effective and hard to be blocked. They can get rid of blocked material themselves. The flexibility also help to avoid jam on openings.

Polyurethane screen

Polyurethane screen

Light weight request less energy consumption. No matter what material to process won’t affect result or efficiency. The filtration accuracy is higher than stainless steel shaker screens. Furthermore, the polyurethane shaker screens are more easy to maintain. Easy to replace and repair.

Under same working condition, the polyurethane screen will produce much less noise. Provide a friendly working environment. The single panel polyurethane screen is much expensive than a stainless steel screen. However, the general cost and economy effect told us, polyurethane screens are more economical. Both on repair cost and general screen consumption


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