Shaker screens for double decked shaker at Aipu

Shaker screens for double decked shaker including different types. We can fit same model panel on 2 decks or different models.

Shaker screens for double decked shaker

We have fabricated many different double decked shaker for the different customer. They use shaker on drilling fluids process, oil sludge treatment, slurry separation or desanding plant. The screens can be steel framed with S.S wire mesh cloth, composite frame with S.S wire mesh. It can be hook strip woven wire mesh or punched plate panel.

There are also the polyurethane screen panels. It can be framed PU screen or woven or hook strap with the punched hole. Different use requests different configuration.

Shaker screens for double decked shaker

Shaker screens for double decked shaker

Furthermore, the double deck can be fit with same size same model screen. Or one deck is fit with coarser screen and the other fit with a finer screen.

Different suggestion on double deck shaker screen

For drilling mud process, we suggest the steel framed screen or composite-framed panel. And the feeder box can be designed with different level discharge or output. The shaker screen size is usually different on 2 deck panels. For the slurry separation or desanding plant, kindly suggest polyurethane panel, or a combination with PU and Steel screen

For oil sludge treatment or sewage processing, kindly suggest the wedged wire mesh panel for better filtration and dewatering. However, the apertures will be much coarser than common shaker screen or PU screen.

PU orange screens

PU orange screens

Available screens for double decked shaker

Shaker screens for double decked shaker at Aipu sized from API 30 to API 325. Or we call it as 20 mesh to 400 mesh. Sometimes, we name screen with opening size. Such as 0.5mm, 0.053mm. This is the PU screen size way.

All shakers at Aipu solids control can be designed as double deck shaker. Popular ones are Hunter-MG, Hunter-D. However, there is client interested in larger screen size. We’ll suggest the previous shaker Hunter-C.  One shaker can be fit with different screens. Let’s take Hunter-MG as reference

We can mount the composite frame screen or the steel frame screen. Also, we can fit the wedged wire mesh panel on it. They can be compressed with wedge block, but the wedge wire panel can be fit with bolts for tight and steady installation

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail.


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