How to repair shake screen during operation at site?

How to repair shaker screen if there is a failure on screen panel during operation? Depends on the shaker screen types, we have different suggestion

How to repair shaker screen

Shaker screen is wearing part on shale shaker. According to different drilling condition and mud property they can last 24 hours to 600 hours. Shaker screens life are related with screen quality and the working conditions

How to repair shaker screen

How to repair shaker screen

For the shaker screens with frame or bonded plate, we can use the repair plugs. The plugs can be rubber material or PU material. Bonded screens, if the back plate is steel sheet we can use the plug to repair it. If it’s plastic bonded panel, we can’t use repair plug but maybe by solid glue.

When we found damage on screen we need to check if we have to replace it. If we have to uninstall it we need to prepare a new screen and remove the damaged panel. Then clean or brush the broken panel and fit the plugs on it. So next time when we require this screen it can be installed on shaker again.

What types of repair plugs are there?

There are square plugs, rectangular plugs, hexagonal plugs, and so on. Plugs can be block one or the thin sheet one. Anyhow, we just insert them to right hole and make it tightly will be ok

Divided by material, there are rubber ones, PU ones and composite ones. Rubber is high quality HNBR, such material is hot-resistant, oil-resistant and corrosive-resistant. PU is more abrasive-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The composite material will be more strong

Repair plug

Repair plug

To select right plugs we need to consider the panel punched hole, the screen pattern, the damaged position on panel

What model of screen can be repaired

According to the makes, there are Derrick screen can be repaired, also the SWACO shaker screen, the NOV Brandt screen panels.

According to the model number, there are 48X30 screen, 500 series screen, Mongoose series screen, Cobra series screen, and so on

According to the appearance, there are almost flat panel screen can be repaired. No matter the steel framed or the steel plate bonded screen.

Please tell us what screens do you have? And what is the status of the present broken screen? How to repair shaker screen? Find more by contacting us!



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