V300 replacement screens are ready to deliver

V300 replacement screens are for our regular clients. They place order to us as well as other manufacturers. However, this order was placed to us after comparing with different suppliers.

V300 replacement screens information

V300 screen replacement is the screen panel for NOV Brandt VSM300 shale shaker. There are primary, scalping and secondary panels on 3 decks. However, the most popular one is the primary deck

The replacement VSM300 screen for this order is the primary deck panels. They are all composite framed. To provide the convenient installation and good performance, our screen mould has been adjusted as 38mm thickness and sealed with the special sealing rubber

V300 replacement screens

V300 replacement screens

Screen mesh size are from API 60 to API 325. Totally over 600 panels will be delivered overseas. Considering clients’ demand on cost saving and time saving, we provide the repair plugs, too. All screens can be repaired on top of screen without uninstallation or moving panels

What can AIPU do for V3OO Screen user

AIPU produces V300 replacement screens for 3 decks. And for scalping & primary deck, there are both steel framed and composite framed panels. For the secondary or drying deck, there is only the steel framed one

The mesh sizes are available from 10 mesh to 325mesh. According to different use and users, the screens can be configured with 1~4 layers wire mesh

Replacement VSM300 screen

Replacement VSM300 screen

Furthermore, no matter steel frame or composite frame screen, they can be repaired with our special plugs. If you have VSM300 screens from other suppliers, we can do the plugs for you, too. You just need to advise the size or pattern will be ok

Why AIPU screens?

Twenty years of experience of screen manufacture from ourV valued engineer and technics. We know what do users need during well drilling or shakers operation.

Before your ordering, you can test our screen. As per your practical condition we’ll confirm how many and what size of screen can be provided to you. And all screens purchased from us can be refunded if use life is much shorter than original OEM screens under same working condition.

Then what else are your worried about? Come to us now~


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