Hook strap shaker screen panels for sale at Aipu

Hook strap shaker screen panels are many different types. At Aipu solids control there is all replacement screen for different makes and models.

Why hook strap shaker screen panels?

Hook strap screen usually is the metal back or plastic back, the rare configuration is the non-bonded. Hook strap screen panels are lighter than framed panels. Considering shaker design, the screens will be fit with hook and tensioning bolts for tight and steady installation

Plastic back shaker screens

Plastic back shaker screens

Lightweight and convenient handling is appreciated by users. And some hook strap screen actually lasts longer than the framed panel.

Different hook strap screen

We call them soft hook strap panel, hard hook strap as there are different backside. There are the flat panel and corrugated panel for hook strap shaker screen. Some hook strap screens are designed with a single handle, one triangle shape break. Some hook strap screen is upside tensioned, some are backside tensioned, while some are just pressed by the pins under heavy pressure, or push

Screen dimension sized variously. Such as 48″x30″, 24.5″x28″, 36″x48″ and so on. Besides the stainless steel shaker screen, there are polyurethane screen, panel punched screen, steel or iron wire mesh screen, and so on

Hook strap shaker screen panels

Hook strap shaker screen panels

For oil and gas, to process drilling fluid no matter water base or oil base we need stainless steel hook strap shaker screen panels.

Come to Aipu for a free sample

We produce high-quality shaker screen including hook strap, pre-tensioned framed panel. Every year we deliver about 30000 panels screen around the world. Although our price seemed a bit higher than some suppliers, clients appreciate our screen. Why? High quality and good service

Prior to your order, we welcome you to come here for the free sample for your test. You’ll find what is the difference between Aipu and other brands. The competitiveness is not the price but the cost-effectiveness

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