Wedge mesh shaker screen for oil sludge shaker

Wedge mesh shaker screen is one kind of shaker screen made of high quality stainless steel wedge rod with support frame. Aipu use this type shaker screen for oil sludge treatment

Wedge mesh shaker screen features

The wedge mesh shaker screen is made of high quality S.S304-316L. According to clients budget or target price. The supporting frame will be carbon steel one. The aperture is varying from  50 microns to 5mm even more coarse.

Wedge mesh is welded with stainless steel rod on certain cross thicker rod. Compared with common type shaker screen, the wedge mesh screen is more durable. Especially in the filtration or separation with large content solid particles. The most fine solid can be separated out is 0.05mm.Compared to other type screen it is more anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive.

Wedge mesh shaker screen

Wedge mesh shaker screen

Oil sludge treatment wedge screen

In oil sludge treatment, there is much solid content with different size. For better and finer separation, the first line of solid filtration is rather important. The wedge mesh screen will provide strong durability and high efficiency

Since the wedge mesh shaker screen is rather strong with less maintenance or replacement. We fix the screen panel with bolts on all corners and middle sides. This will help get steady and stable installation. We design and produce double deck oil sludge shale shaker with such screen. Of course they are different apertures.

Such design will help get better filtration result and lower cost totally. Each deck will be mounted with 4 panel wedge mesh screen. The whole effective separation area is sufficient enough. For some small capacity demand, we’ll configure 3 panel screens

Aipu wedge mesh screen

Based on clients’ demand and market tendency we’ll do research and development work constantly. Considering the oil sludge treatment condition, we believe the wedge mesh screen will provide better performance with longer working life

The anti-abrasive feature will definitely satisfy user since rare spare parts. For common shale shaker utilized hook strip or framed wire mesh screen, the most spare parts are shaker screen. Almost screen panels will work 12-23 days depend on different screen type and working condition

Aipu provide wedge mesh screen with different size and dimension. Not only for our own designed shaker but also the custom design ones. And considering material to process, the material, configuration, and opening size will differ too



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