Shaker screen panels custom built items

Shaker screen panels are the critical spare parts for shale shakers. No matter what type of shaker we operate, the screens will be the wearing parts to be replaced at once if any failure

Shaker screen panels type

We’ve talked about this topic many times. Screen panels including the framed type, the hook strap type. Among the panels, there are flat and corrugated pattern. For framed screen panel, there are steel framed, composite framed, also the polyurethane framed.

On the panels, there are stainless steel wire mesh, the s.s wedge wire, the polyurethane, the polyurethane injected over the metal frame, also the polyurethane wire rod woven screen

Shaker screen panels

Shaker screen panels

How to custom screen panel?

The screen mesh size is relatively flexible. Such as 20 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, and so on. However, when we face API size or screen cut point it will be more exact. Such as cut point 120microns, the API size is API 120. To achieve the cut point or solids removal function we can configure screen layers in different ways. Screen mesh size and diameter, square mesh or rectangular mesh

For the same shaker screen panel, the screen backplate can be punched as square or rectangular. For the screen panel colors, they can be gray, green, red or blue, and so on

Screen mesh material could be S.S304 or S.S316 L. However, some mesh size could be only woven by S.S316 or S.S316L. Per the screen mesh size or API size we’ll give you premium quality or the economical configuration per your preference

Shaker screens replacement for PMD500

Shaker screens replacement for PMD500

Other custom built service?

Besides above items, we can OEM screen according to clients’ request. Packages, we usually pack screen as 1 panel per carton or 2-panel per carton. Outside will be the plywood pallet or case. The screens will be packed with plastic film to avoid weather impact or humidity air.

Furthermore, we provide more custom built service. Such as your logo, your contact, and so on. Please feel free to contact Aipu for shaker screen panels custom services


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