Shale shaker screen feature of Aipu

Shale shaker screen feature is all the specification or issues impacting screen quality. Many clients inquire us, why Aipu shaker screen? What is your strength or good feature? Please find below information as reference

Shale shaker screen feature

High quality shaker screen holding nice appearance. The screen cloth surface is rather plain and tight. High quality screen raw material even make screen panel very shiny. Screen frame and cloth are sticked steadily, also the seal rubber is durable and reliable

However, final shale shaker screen feature is long service life. Details including filtration efficiency, cut point accuracy, conductance, NBA, net weight, and so on

Shale shaker screen feature

Shale shaker screen feature

What impact shaker screens quality?

Considering shaker screen quality, we may go back to shale shaker screen feature. The raw material selection, configuration on different layer screen cloth, how to punch back plate, seal rubber material and technique utilized. All these may impact screens quality.

Improper selection or operation on shaker screen will affect screen quality or performance as well. Moreover, drilling mud property or well drilling condition impact screen life. For example, if we use same screen with API 170 for both drilling mud 2SG and 2.4SG, the screen life will differ definitely

Besides, different drilling sites will hold different geological condition. Some places hold more shale, however, some hold more clay, thus shaker screen will perform differently

Aipu shaker screen

Aipu shaker screen

Aipu shaker screen features

Aipu shale shaker screen is tested by professional lab under API in USA. The screens are in compliance with API RP13C. The accurate cut point will provide client exact replacement screen for certain working condition.

Long screen life with high cost-efficiency.  Compared with genuine screen, Aipu shaker screen is more economic. You will find the best rate between cost and quality. All raw material is high quality. From screen cloth (S.S304 at least) to the rubber seal strip. From the back plate to powder used on panel

High conductance and NBA will certainly provide great efficiency and performance during operation. All replacement screen panels are right fit ones.

Furthermore, Aipu is pleased to provide custom built service. Such as OEM, ODM. You can request packages with your logo or company information.

You are wanna know more detail? Please contact Aipu solids control now!


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