Replacement Mongoose Screen development

Replacement Mongoose screen is rather popular with many clients. We provide both steel framed screen and composite framed screen for Mongoose shale shaker

Replacement Mongoose screen

The shaker screen replacement for SWACO Mongoose shaker including composite frame and steel frame one. The mesh size are mainly from API 80 to API 270 popular with users. Under practical requirement on solids control and shaker performance the composite frame screen is more popular than convential steel one

Presently, there are different colored frame. Such as the green, red, gray, orange, black. And the punched hole is square one. For the composite screen, there will be different types from different suppliers. The details are the weight, the general technique, etc.

Aipu Mongoose shaker screen replacement

Aipu fabricate Mongoose shaker screen of steel frame and composite frame. For composite framed screen we have black and orange color. Furthermore, we have 2 different types on the shaker screen frame. No matter which type, ours screen panel will be perfect without any exposure of internal frame

Compared with other suppliers of shaker screen, you can find many of their screen frame will have exposure of internal frame. Now we have made another new mold for Mongoose screen. The sample has been delivered to client they will place regular orders upon checking it.

Please find following picture for your reference

Replacement Mongoose screen

Replacement Mongoose screen

How to order Aipu replacement Mongoose screen?

Please tell us API number you need or mesh size you prefer, you even can tell us the configuration on screen layer, mesh and diameter you ever enjoyed successful practice. Let us know the frame material you need, the color you like

If you have special requirements on package or tags please give us exact content, since we always welcome OEM and ODM business. BTW, we are pleased to provide you free sample since we are rather confident you will be satisfied with our products and place order to us

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