Shale shaker screens conductance and NBA detail

Shale shaker screens conductance will impact screen performance.

What is shale shaker screens conductance?

Conductance, measured in units of kilodarcies per millimetre (kD/mm), defines the ability with which a Newtonian fluid will flow through a unit area of shaker screen in a laminar flow regime, all other variables being equal. This allows any two screens that have been tested to be compared to identify which has the potential to process the highest flowrate per unit area. Conductance allows for screen comparisons regardless of other variables that may affect the actual flow capacity of a given screen in field use

So we know the high conductance will help us get high pass efficiency. Then we’ll get better performance of whole shale shaker

Shaker screens conductance

Shaker screens conductance

NBA of shaker screens

NBA here means the non-blanked area on the screen panel. It describes the net unblocked area in square metres or square feet, available to permit the passage of fluid. Generally, more area is better. The NBA is known by using direct measurement and calculation techniques

The NBA calculation for pretnesioned or perforated panel-type screen is a bit different with open-hook strip screen panels. But they both request total panel screen calculation, average NBA of each panel screen.

Different configuration by shaker screen manufacturers

As different manufacturer hold special configuration of screen panel, the NBA and conductance vary much. API request a standard label on screen. Shaker screens conductance and NBA are necessary information listed there

Screen performance

Screen performance

Actually, per standard listed item including API Screen number D100 separation point, conductance, NBA, manufacture part number, place of origin.

Each unique or different combination of screen layers will lead different NBA also conductance. So we may find same screen dimension, same mesh, but from different manufacturers they will list different information

For example, original NOV Brand KING COBRA screen API 140 NBA is different with the replacement KC screen made by SWACO.

We see, both NBA and conductance play roles on the screen flow capacity or efficiency. If you’d like to know more, please contact Aipu solids control freely



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