Replacement 48×30 Screen panels for sale at AIPU

Replacement 48×30 screen panels are the right fit shaker screens replace for FLC2000  series shaker screen. There are flat type and corrugated type.

Replacement 48×30 screen panels

Aipu is a professional manufacturer on shaker screens and solids control. 48×30 series shaker screen are hot sales product since famous brand shaker is popular with users all around the world

We can make flat panel and corrugated panel replacement. The mesh size is ranged from API 20 to API 400. Popular ones are API 80 to API 270. Ye, there is more division on the different configuration. Such as HP, DX, etc.

Overall size is about 700×1050. Sometimes, it is described in a different way. Such as 695×1050, 697×1053. and so on. Actually, it is because of measure with different tools by different people. The 48×30 is from the shaker deck size

Replacement 48X30 screen panels

Replacement 48X30 screen panels

Why AIPU replacement screens?

Aipu is professional manufacturer on shaker screen over 18 years. Our main teammates in screen fabrication even have shared experience over 20 years.

We always select high-quality raw materials. From the stainless steel wire mesh to the structural steel; from the coating powder coating to the rubber sealing; from raw material purchase to the final inspection.

shaker screens for sale

shaker screens for sale

You’ll find AIPU is your best choice. We also provide guaranty as: Under the same working condition, our screens perform similarly as the original panel. If not, our clients or users will get the refund

How to order from AIPU?

Firstly, thanks for your interest and trust on AIPU shaker screen. To place order, please confirm the mesh size or API size of replacement 48×30 screen panels, the quantity you need. We’ll submit offer to you for your reference and further procedure.

Furthermore, tell us if you have any special demand on the labels, cartons, packages, and so on? We also can provide you screen sample for your test. Against test, you’ll know the true quality of AIPU screen and you will be sure of our screen cost-effectiveness

If no special requirements and no dissidence you place an order on items you need. Then we’ll issue PI, Invoice to you. Against your payment, we’ll start to produce items for you. According to client’s order and manufacture schedule, we may do some preparation in advance cater for client’s urgency.

You need more information? You need free sample? Call us now!


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