Rubber for shaker screens and shaker

Rubber for shaker screens including rubbers on screen back side, sealing rubber on sides, rubbers on shaker deck.

Rubber for shaker screens information

Many models shaker screen request rubber. Its main function is sealing and buffer. Rubber on screen panel will reduce gap between screen panel and shaker deck. The rubber is flexible to prevent impact or collision between screen and deck

Screens with rubber including Derrick FLC500 series screen, 48×30 shaker screen, Brandt King Cobra screen, the Swaco ALS series screen, KPT series shaker screen, and so on. Almost rubber material are HNBR or NBR but some are different.

Rubber for shaker screens

Rubber for shaker screens

Furthermore, rubber on FLC500 screen sides are a bit different. Side rubbers mainly seal the gap between screen and shaker deck wall. Thus, there will be no mud lost.

Other rubbers for screen panel

Besides rubber on shaker screen panel, there are other rubbers as well. Such as the rubber on shaker deck. Including crown rubber, channel protector, side rubber seal, etc. The materials are usually rubber but some are polyurethane.

On shaker deck, some rubbers are just C shaped channel, some of them need to be bolted. Some rubber are configured same size as screen panel, some are set in the middle of panel.

All these rubber for shaker screens benefit much on screen life and performance. As the shaker holding rather high vibration strength during running. Proper abrasion and shaking elimination provide better efficiency on filtration with less energy consumption

Rubber for shaker

Rubber for shaker

How to order rubber for screen and shaker?

Please advise shale shaker or shaker screen model. Part number, as detail as possible. Drawing or picture if available. The quantity you need. Special requirements for actual working condition. Upon mutual agreement, place order to Aipu and transfer payment

Prior to order, Aipu will assist client to confirm the universality on replacement rubber and original one. Your support and trust will be highly appreciated.

Aipu solids control supplied large quantity replacement rubber for screen overseas. All of customers are satisfied with the quality and performance. Please contact us freely for any question or interest


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