How to get high quality replacement screens for shale shakers

High-quality replacement screens are the panels holding long service life, high performance of the filtration. Furthermore, high-quality screens holding an accurate separation point or cut point.

Why we need high-quality screens?

The high-quality screens help drilling fluids pass through the panel effectively. Because it holds high conductance relatively. It holds the accurate cut point to help remove harmful solids at a certain drilling stage

Replacement screens

Replacement screens

Moreover, a relative longer service life will save time and cost for the whole well drilling. For example, if you had used screens last 100 hours when you use screens last 70 hours the cost is dramatically different.

How to verify screens quality?

High-quality replacement screens features, we have talked this before. We need to check the appearance or surface of screen panel itself. Before unpacking it, we’d better check the package and the labels, too

Besides appearance, if possible, we need to check the screen size and mesh size. If it is accurate and conform to ordered items. Then we use or test screen panels. Under the same working condition, we consider the quality according to service life and separation performance

Performance is separation efficiency. The separation affects solids or cuttings percentage may impact further drilling. If we remove particles effectively and exactly the screen will wear normally. Then service life is relatively longer

We can test fluids under the shaker to check the screen cut point accuracy and its performance. Also, we can test the solids to check the screen mesh size.

What type of high quality screen we have?

There are many different types of screen panels. Including replacement screen for NOV Brandt Venom series, for VSM300 series. Also the replacement panels for M-I SWACO Mongoose, MD, and the ALS series. Furthermore, the replacement screen for DP600, HYP, FLC series, and so on

The panels including steel frame, composite frame, flat panel and the panel with waves from side view.

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