Polyurethane shaker screen panel

Polyurethane shaker screen panel is made of polyurethane. Also referred to urethane screen. It is mainly made of polyurethane

Polyurethane shaker screen application

Polyurethane screens are mainly used in mineral industry. Such as beneficiation, coal washing, and so on. Rarely urethane screen panel used in oilfield drilling mud process.

Polyurethane screen is more popular since high flexibility and more durability. It is anti-abrasion in many tough working condition. And almost polyurethane shaker screen are hook strip type. Famous brand urethane screen is Derrick Stack sizer. The size is 702x1044mm.

Strength and benefits of Aipu polyurethane screen panel

1.On the base of meeting the size distribution, the mesh slot is made into the shape of rectangle. For example, the aperture is designed as 0.1mm *2.59mm to customize the size distribution of 0.1mm, which guarantees the ratio of qualified fine material and improves the screening efficiency.

2.To strengthen the tension force of the mesh, the sieve strip appears a wedge-shape structure, which is moreover inlaid by high-intensity stretching resistance wire.

Polyurethane shaker screen

Polyurethane shaker screen

3.The slot has a high size precision, with the plus and minus deviation less than 10mm. The whole mesh is neat and clean and refrained from any burrs. It can be observed clearly as microscopic image.

4.With the resilience nature, the aperture is prevented from blockage. What s more, the wedge structure is adopted in the design of slot, which enables the critical-sized particles successfully down the mesh. The design makes up for the low aperture ratio and improves the screening efficiency and effect of the screening machine.

5.With the anti-wear and anti-fatigue nature, the mesh service life is 8-10 times that of the stainless steel wire woven mesh, dozens of times that of the steel screen bar. It has a mean life of 6 month under normal circumstances and legal operation

6.It can be installed by stretching fixing as well as flat fixing, so customers can choose the installation according to the size of screen.

7.The PU mesh is suitable for a variety of electromagnetic high-frequency screens and composite high-frequency vibrating screens all over globe

8.The meshes have various apertures of the 702×1044 specifications. Hooks can be installed at the end of the mesh, making it adaptable on different multi-stack screen imported from abroad.

9.Meanwhile, if you found any size you need is not indicated, we would like to provide all kinds of mesh / aperture according to customer’s demand at our utmost efforts.

Polyurethane screen Aipu can supply

The dimension are 702x1044mm, 840x1245mm, 700x1225mm, 700x1245mm, 1000x2320mm, 1200x2320mm, etcetera. And the sizes are 0.075mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.7mm,1.5mm, and so on. Please feel free to contact us for any interest or questions.

We trust our polyurethane shaker screen will bring great satisfaction


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