Framed shaker screen at Aipu solids control

Framed shaker screen is the screen panel with support frame. The frame is made of tube, plate or even rod. Lets talk about all framed shaker screen available at Aipu solids control

Framed shaker screen summarize

Aipu framed shaker screens including the steel frame and S.S screen cloth type, the composite frame with stainless steel wire mesh, the polyurethane panels with thick plate and internal support frame, the steel frame welded together with S.S wedge wire mesh.

If screens divided per model or shaker model, there are Hunter-MG series screen, the previous Hunter-M shaker screen, the Cobra series screen, the Mongoose type screen, the VSM300 shaker screen, the BEM series shaker screen ,the AXIOM shaker screen, the FSI and KPT series shaker screen, and so on

Framed shaker screen

Framed shaker screen

The mesh or API size is ranged from API 40 to API 400. If clients request special one or customization we’ll manufacture them accordingly with certain material. For example, if you need API 400 or API 450, the screens will be S.S316L and the wire mesh woven technique will be different with API 100 screen.

Different features on frame screens

Different framed screens the features and benefit will differ from each other. Such as the steel framed one are more economical and flexible on punched hole shape. The composite framed screen, will be more expensive. They hold longer use life and easy manufacture technique. For some screens, composite framed is more lighter than steel framed one

The polyurethane framed ones are widely used in dewatering or mining industry. The framed stainless steel wedge wire mesh panel is popular in oil sludge treatment and coarse separation in many industry

Each type frame shaker screen will have the special feature and benefits. And they will have special strength in certain use

Get quotation or price of frame screen panel

Different size screen holding different mesh will cost variously. Cost combined all raw material, technique, man power, and so on. Price is from USD50 to USD700.

Please come to us freely for more detail and further question.


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