Shaker screen sample for users’ reference

Shaker screen sample from Aipu is free! Yes, you only need to give us the practical feedback or detail test report

Shaker screen sample available

Aipu is professional manufacturer on shaker screens. Now, we are able to produce all replacement for models and makes shaker screen in oilfield. So if you are in the demand of replacement shaker screen please contact us. The shaker screen sample will be sent to you for free.

Available samples are same as products scope we have. Such as the NOV Brandt KC screen replacement, the Brandt LCM screen replacement, the NOV VSM300 screen, the M-I SWACO Mongoose screen, the SWACO MD shaker screen, and so on

Shaker screen sample

Shaker screen sample

Why we send screen sample to users?

Almost original OEM shaker screen are highly appreciated by users in oilfield. Since they hold high efficiency, excellent performance, long service life, etc. features. Change the OEM ones to replacement for user or operator is difficult. They must make sure the quality and performance of replacement screen is not bad than original one or they have a proper quality level compared with original ones

To understand replacement screen well, test sample is a good way for users. We send the shaker screen sample to user’s drilling site both supplier and user will get the actual feedback. This will help us much on verify screens quality. So, if not an urgent demand we kindly suggest test screen sample for better knowing screen quality

How many screen samples are free?

It depends. We’ll verify the users’ application and approve free sample according to general situation. Anyhow, we’ll request users to send us practical feedback with detail information. No matter by oral or by written

Presently, we even ever sent 20 panels free sample to client. So just come to us and tell us your demand and requirements. Leave all other questions to us. We trust you’ll have satisfied shaker screen sample and long term screen supplies.


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