Replacement KPT shaker screen for sale at Aipu

Replacement KPT shaker screen is the screen panel used on KEMTRON Shaker. It’s a famous brand and widely used in HDD rig mud system. KPT screen including the KPT28, KPT26, and so on.

Replacement KPT shaker screen

Shaker screen replacement for KPT shaker is steel framed screen panel. Popular mesh size is from API 20 to API 300. Panel sized 26.25×49.25″, and 28.25×49.25″. They are usually flat panel. According to clients’ preference they can be produced as corrugated panel with 1″ peak

The KPT shaker screens are used on shaker KTL-48BPT, KTL-48 Tango. Also on the desander & desilter. The KPT screens are made of high quality square tube, cold rolled sheet. Raw materials will be welded together.

replacement KPT shaker screen

replacement KPT shaker screen

KPT shaker screen weighs about 16kg. Perforated sheet, steel frame, and the wire mesh come together to be heavy duty screen panel.

Aipu KPT screen repalcement

Aipu produce high quality KPT screen replacement. They are right fit replacement for original KEMTRON shaker or we call it ELGIN shaker now. Presently, there are square hole on screen surface, and the hexagonal hole.

The back side can be supported with lateral square tubes or also the cross support square tube. Screen mesh size at market grade is available from 10 mesh to 400 mesh. API size is from API 40 to API 270.

Price for KPT screen varies among different type and mesh size. From USD60 to USD110. Please contact us for more detail.

KPT screen replacement

KPT screen replacement

Other replacement screen for KEMTRON

Besides replacement KPT shaker screen, there are also KDDX, KDX, and the KTL series shaker screen replacement. They are different size for different shaker or for different deck on one shaker.

For example, the KTL-48-Tango is double decked shale shaker. Screens on 2 decks sized differently. But they are both steel framed panel. KDX and KDDX are the hook strap screens.

Do you have demand on replacement Kemtron screen? Please tell us your detail requirements for best solution soon


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