Replacement shaker screens for sale

Replacement shaker screens refer to shaker screens fit for different types of shale shaker. They are not original equipment manufactured shaker screens. Most shaker screen manufacture will provide both original screen panels and replacement screens.

Aipu replacement shaker screens

Aipu shaker screen produce a complete line shaker screens. Including OEM screen and replacement shaker screens for other famous makes and models. Such as the Hunter-M series screen, Hunter-D series screen, and so on. The replacement shaker screens for sale of famous brand shakers are Derrick FLC500 series, NOV Brandt 4×3 shaker screen, SWACO Mongoose series , and so on. Please find more detail as below

Replacement Derrick shaker screens

Replacement shaker screens

Replacement shaker screens

We ever talked about this many times. As Derrick shaker screens are many different models and very popular all over the globe. Both onshore and offshore  oil&gas drilling. The FLC series including FLC300, FlC500, FLC2000 shakers and mud cleaner. The screen panels are 3 or 4 per single shaker. Further more, there are Hyperpool, DP600 series shaker, and so on

The replacement shaker screens for them including flat panel, corrugated / pyramid screen, polyurethane screen, etcetera. The sizes are API35-API400 and dimension are various according to shaker model

Replacement shaker screen for NOV Brandt

NOV Brandt is another famous manufacturer on huge scope oilfield equipment. Shale shaker, top drive, mud pump, rigs, and so on. The shaker screen types are similar as other famous brands. There are over 10 models of screen panels combined with different configuration, screen panel size, technique, tensioning means, and so on

Typical ones are Cobra series screen, VSM300 shaker screens. They are pretensioned shaker screens pressed with wedge block for rapid installation or uninstallation. The mesh size are wide range under complex configuration

Replacement screen panel for M-I SWACO

M-I SWACO produce over 10 models shaker screens too. The popular one is Mongoose PT series shaker screens. There are steel framed and composite framed panel for option. They call the composite frame screen as Duraflo screen panel as extra long service life

According to screen tensioning way, there are hook strap and wedge blocked screen. And even some hook strap screens, they can provide composite back support.

Of course, besides above replacement shaker screen, Aipu also produce KEMTRON screen replacement, AXIOM shaker screens, and so on. For price, contact us; for free sample, contact us, now!

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