Configuration on shaker screens and the effects

Configuration on shaker screens is the combination on screen cloth layer.  The wire mesh size, the wire cloth, and the plate design

What configuration on shaker screens are there?

Based on wire mesh hole, there are 3 main configuration. Such as square opening screen cloth, oblong hole wire mesh, and combine 2 pattern together.

Details including 2 or 3 layers wire cloth are with square hole, 1 supporting layer is with square hole and the other 1 or 2 layers are with oblong hole; or all of 3 layers cloth are with oblong opening


Based on frame, there are steel frame and composite frame. Difference between them including appearance, the manufacture procedure, and so on

Based on bonding type, there are hook strap type and framed screen. One type is bonded on sheet with 2 sides hook, the other type is bonded on sheet welded with frame

The difference among different configured screen

Checking the wire mesh configuration, we’ll find oblong hole configuration hold coarser cut point. For example, if the market grade 100mesh, we use square hole cloth with common wire the cut point may be 140 microns. If we use market grade oblong hole called 100mesh with common wire cloth, the cut point may be 250 microns

If we use square screen cloth sized 100 mesh but with finer wire, the cut point may be 150 microns, if the wire mesh woven with extra fine wire but sized 100 mesh, the cut point maybe 165microns

Screens configuration

Screens configuration

So, when we use the extra fine wire, screen will help to get larger opening and higher filtration efficiency

What is your preference of screen configuration?

Configuration on shaker screens difference lead different screen performance. Thus lead different quality grade. Improper configuration or selection will lead screen worn easily.

Some users prefer longer life to better filtration efficiency, while some users prefer larger conductance to accurate cut point.

What about you? Please tell us your comment. Aipu will give you optimal solution


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