Replacement KEMTRON shaker screen for sale

KEMTRON shaker screen are almost the framed screen. Based on the shaker model, the mud cleaner design there are over 10 different type of screen

Summarize on KEMTRON shaker screen

KEMTRON shaker screen including KPT-28, KPT-26, KPT-40, KPT-33, KPS-44, KDX, KDDX, the wedge wire screen, and so on. These shaker screens are fit on Hyper-G shaker, KTL-48 STD, KTL-48AG, KTL-48D, KTL-48 SS and so on shakers

The shakers holding different shaker deck number or the screen panel quantity. KDX and KDDX are hook strap type screen, all others are the framed one. The S.S wire mesh screen panel and the wedge wire screen panel with frame.

KEMTRON Shaker screen

KEMTRON Shaker screen

Mesh size of KEMTRON shaker screen are ranged from API 20 to API 325. Based on API RP13C regulation. However, if you have special requirement, Aipu provide you custom built replacement for Kemtron screens based on market grade

Aipu replacement KEMTRON screen panels

Kemtron is a famous brand with long history. They are professional on the solids control, also dewatering and slurry separation. Their shaker and other equipment are popular with clients in over 30 countries. We often get inquiries on their shaker screen replacement

Most popular ones are KPT28, KPT26. The two framed and pretensioned shaker screen. The dimension are about 1230×700 and 1230x650mm.  For these replacement screen, Aipu provide different design per clients’ preference

The screens can be rectangular hole on panel surface, also can be hexagonal hole. There can be both lateral and vertical support on whole screen panel, or you can select only cross support in parallel with side 700 or 650mm.

Replacement KPT screen

Replacement KPT screen

Price on KEMTRON screens replacement

Aipu is professional manufacturer on various shaker screen replacement for world famous shaker. The reasonable price and true cost-effectiveness appreciated by all clients or users.

Price for Kemtron screen replacement vary since different model, design, mesh size, and so on. The price is from USD40 to USD110. For example, the hook strap screen with single layer must be lower price. The triple layer pretensioned screen must be higher price

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information. Come to us for special discount from now on till to Dec.31.


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