V100 & V300 shaker screen replacement

V300 Shaker screen

V300 shaker screen are the screen panels used on Brandt NOV VSM300 shaker. For this shaker, it will be fit with 3 different dimension screen panel. The screen decks are scalping one, primary deck, and the drying deck.

v300 Shaker screen

v300 Shaker screen

VSM300 shale shakers use integral secondary drying technology demonstrates the NOV commitment to delivering cost effective, environmentally responsible solutions to the oil industry. The VSM 300 is an extremely simple machine to operate; maintenance is minimal and screen changing is carried out in 2-3 minutes by only one operator

The scalper screen is usually sized from API 6 to API 60 or a bit finer. Since its function is to filter coarser solids and decrease load or abrasion on subsequent screen panels. Popular replacement panels are V300 primary shaker screen

V100 shaker and screen

The VSM 100 Shale Shaker is designed on a modular basis thus enabling multi unit installations and flexible configurations to be achieved using standard equipment. The modular design construction is also advantageous on existing rig locations where the equipment can be easily installed into the shaker room through a standard shaker house door

On V100 shale shaker, there are top deck, lower deck and secondary screens as well. Similar design with V300 shale shaker. The scalping screens are hook strap one, the V100 shaker screen primary deck are adopted 4 panel pretensioned screen

Primary V100 shaker screen usually sized 52 mesh to 230 mesh, while secondary or drying deck screens are usually 84 and 100 mesh. The different decks angle and screen area vary much. Scalping deck is 0° with 15ft², and the primary screen deck is 22ft²。

V100 & V300 shaker screen

V100 and V300 shakers have some similar features. Such as they are both designed with 3 decks. However, they have much difference as well. Such as, the total screen area are different. VSM100 shaker screen total area is 40ft²,VSM300 screen total area is 49.8ft².  On V100 shaker, the top deck/scalping screen is hook strip screens while V300 screens are all framed type.

Presently, Aipu produce some of the V100 and V300 shaker screen replacement. Mesh sizes are customizable upon special order. Please feel free to contact us for more detail



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