Screens for sale and equipment for free

Screens for sale is a new promotion at Aipu solids control. Please find detail as below

Screens for sale

Screens promotion is effective to all models screens. The Aipu Hunter series, replacement screen for Derrick, for SWACO, for NOV, and so on

Screen panels including hook strap flat, corrugated, polyurethane, steel framed and composite framed.  Such as 600 series, 500 series, plyweb, Mongoose, Cobra, and so on

Quantity and detail for promotion. Every 2 year you place order on 5000 panels you’ll get one set shaker for free. Every 2 year you place order on 10000 panels you’ll get mud cleaner for free

But, one point to tell. There is no other promotion enjoyed simultaneously. And the promotion will be expired if there are over 10 clients got such free equipment. You don’t need shaker or cleaner? Tell us what are you interested in?

Screens for sale

Screens for sale

Why we make such promotion?

Promotion is another appreciation to our clients’ support and long time trust. We are confident on all our screens and equipment. We wish more and more users enjoy Aipu screen quality. More and more users will get better cost control on screens and even whole drilling

Please feel free to contact us if you have confirmed which equipment you will need

How to enjoy this?

Place order on any model screen you need. Screens for sale will last 2 year. And your order quantity will be accumulated together in 2 year. Anytime order quantity is up to 5000 panels or 10000 panels, congratulations, you’ll get a free equipment or same value product

We both record all panels you ordered. Then from Mar.1, 2018 till to Feb.29, 2020, we get total amount you bought from us. Lets see if you will enjoy it or not. Per our previous record, at least 4 clients will enjoy free mud cleaner.

You have further doubt? Come to us now!


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