Replacement Mongoose composite screens delivery

Replacement Mongoose composite screens are popular product at Aipu solids control. Just last week we got order from a regular client. This lot screens will be shipped by air this week

Replacement Mongoose composite screens

Aipu is professional manufacturer on shaker screen and necessary parts for solids control equipment and system. The composite framed screen can be black panels and orange panels.

Now, more and more clients prefer the orange coloured ones. They are more bright look more beautiful.Why we call it composite screen? The screen frame is made of high quality PP, Carbon, fibers and so on materials. Also, internal supporting frame is high quality carbon steel welded with tubes and rods

Replacement Mongoose Composite screen

Replacement Mongoose Composite screen

The screen cloth is stainless steel. Composite screens request simple manufacture technique. Furthermore, composite framed screen is easy to make surface beautiful and even

What composite Mongoose screens are available?

There are Market grade, XL, XR and HC type. The different codes stand for different configuration of screen layer and wire mesh diameter. The configuration means the square hole or the rectangular hole.

The MG type is single layer screen with standard mesh size and heavy wire diameter. Such screens suit scalp or coarse separation and will provide long service life.

Composite frame screen for sale

Composite frame screen for sale

The HC will provide better performance in blinding application and yields capacity. While the xl screen will provide improved screen life and capacity also the blinding resistance.

The XR series screen is 50% thicker wire diameter and provide best fluid-handling capacity.

Please tell us what types do you need? We’ll provide you the replacement right fit your shaker and meet your requirements

Why AIPU shaker screens?

There are thousands of shaker screens manufacturer? Why you should select AIPU? Ye, it’s because of our quality and the cost-effective price. Our screens are promised averagely over 22 days.

Then, you can compare ours with original panels under the same working condition. If our screens perform poorly you will get refund.

Furthermore, our high quality raw material and our professional experience share in shaker screen over 15 years.  Please contact us freely for any demand or interest


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