High quality repairable shaker screen for sale at AIPU

High quality repairable shaker screen including the steel framed, composite framed, flat panel hook strap type. Aipu provides you high quality screens can be repaired by plugs

High quality repairable shaker screen type

There are many types of repairable screens. Such as the NOV Brandt Cobra series, the VSM series, and the D380 series shaker screen. Also the Derrick FLC500 series flat panel, the 48×30 flat panel, and so on.

For M-I SWACO shaker screen, there are almost the framed screens. Such as the Mongoose series screen, MD series screen, the BEM screen, and so on. We can find the screens can be repaired are all the framed or the tensioning type with metal back

high quality repairable shaker screen

high quality repairable shaker screen

How to repair shaker screen

For the steel framed and hard hook strap screens, we have to make the plugs properly suit screen grids. When there is broken or damage on screen panel, it is a hole. We need to clear the screen cloth in the grids leave the exact clear grid hole. Then we insert the plug into the hole make sure the plugs were steadily embedded.

For the composite framed screen, the plugs will be a small block. It is slightly bigger than grids to help cover the holes tightly. We clear the grids and press the plug into screen panel, if necessary we’ll use the small rubber hammer to knock it for better inserting

Shaker screen size

Repairable screen panel

What types of plugs are there

Plugs including the rectangular blocks, the square pieces/mat, the hexagonal gasket, the triangle piece. Some of the repair plugs are made for standard grids of famous brand shaker screens, Some are the customized shape for different clients.

We know there are thousands of shaker screen manufacturers, they may punch the profile with hundreds of dimension and shapes.

To give clients optimal solution on screen repair, we’d like to know details of grids. Including sheet thickness, the hole shape and exact dimension. As per your detail information, we’ll confirm if we could supply or not.

Aipu is professional manufacturer on shaker screen. Please contact us for more information on high quality repairable shaker screen and the plugs


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