Replacement V300 screen for NOV Brandt shaker

Replacement V300 screen is the hot popular product of AIPU solids control. There are different dimensions screen panel for VSM300 shaker. VSM300 shaker is one popular equipment from NOV Brandt.

Replacement V300 screen information

The screens for V300 shaker including scalping panel, primary and secondary panel. The popular mesh sizes are from 10 mesh to API 300 as the multiple deck shaker requests screen opening size varies during different drilling condition and phase

replacement V300 screen

Replacement V300 screen

Furthermore, the VSM300 screen replacement at AIPU including steel framed and composite framed panel. But for the secondary screen, there is only steel framed one now

And for some clients, they prefer the pyramid type V300 screen. We can handle this, too. However, by now, all of our clients selected flat panel instead of corrugated one

What features of AIPU VSM300 screen replacement?

Our replacement V300 screens are repairable with the rubber plugs. The punching holes are square pattern. For composite and steel framed, there are different sized plugs

V300 shaker screen replacement

V300 shaker screen replacement

Furthermore, all of our replacement screens are pre-tensioned. Thus the screen conductance/penetration and service life will be enhanced better than screens not be pre-tensioned

AIPU VSM300 screen replacement are right fit screen. The dimension, the filtration performance and the service life will satisfy you best

Shaker screens of AIPU are the real cost-effective. Not lower price but the true high cost-efficiency. When you place order you will find AIPU is the best solution for your shaker screens.

How to order the V300 screen?

Please tell us which deck screen do you need. Primary or secondary? What API or mesh size do you need? API 80 or 140mesh? What material do you prefer? Steel framed or composite-framed?

VSM300 composite screen

VSM300 composite screen

Do you need a custom-built package or not? How many panels do you need? When will you use the screens? How do you prefer shipping them? Do you need we to deliver the free sample for your check or test?

Kindly tell us what you need or all the information you have. We’ll provide the best quotation to you also the necessary solution we can help


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