Replacement MD-2 shaker screen of Aipu

Replacement MD-2 shaker screen is more and more popular. As the MD series shaker are popular for its high efficiency, flexibility and space optimization. This post will share some information on Aipu MD-2 shaker screen replacement

MD-2 shaker screen information

MD-2 shale shaker enjoyed great feedback from world users. As the shaker is a development from MD-3 shaker. It combined good features of Mongoose Pro, MD-3 shaker. It is a dual-deck shaker that features similarities to the MD-3 platform – the same screen, clamping system and motors. However, while MD-3 targets primarily high-end offshore operations, the MD-2 targets both high-end land operations and offshore projects, such as refurbishment jobs.

Compared with MD-3 shaker, it is more compact and less screen area. The efficiency is relatively high compared with other similar screen area shaker. The MD-2 shaker screen are composite framed. For the MD-2 shaker, there is still scalping and primary deck screen. Difference is MD-2 shaker screen total area is smaller and only 2 decks. All other specs are same as former MD-3 shaker screen. So we can call them as MD series shaker screen.

Replacement MD-2 shaker screen

Replacement MD-2 shaker screen

Replacement MD-2 shaker screen made by Aipu

Aipu produce many modes and makes shaker screen for different shaker. MD-2 screen is our new product replaces for the MD series shale shaker made by M-I SWACO. The replacement MD shaker screen is right fit ones and completely interchangeable with original ones.

We manufacture the composite frame MD shaker screen. Each original shaker will be fit with over 7 m² gross screen area. Including the scalping deck, primary deck. Each panel is sized about 650 x 600mm. For our replacement MD screen, they are black color usually. Upon clients special demand, we’ll make orange one or other colors

We’ll put reinforced steel frame in the composite material. This design is same as Mongoose composite screen. Difference between 2 model screen is size and back frame design.

Other specifications including the thickness and open hole are as following. MD series shaker screen thicks about 36mm. The support frame opening is rectangular one. On each panel screen end there will be hook for mutual fix between panels. Aipu has supplied such replacement MD-2 shaker screen to many clients. They are satisfied with our product. The compliance and service life is highly appreciated by all users.

Please contact us if you need free sample of replacement MD-2 shaker screen.


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