Urethane shaker screens also referred to Polyurethane screen. Such shaker screens are widely used in desanding or dewatering. The industry including mining, civil construction, slurry separation and so on

Aipu urethane shaker screens specification

Popular PU screens at Aipu is the replacement PolyWeb for Derrick shakers. Some of the users are operating genuine shaker made by Derrick Equipment, while some of them are operating similar shaker with same dimension screen

Urethane screens

Urethane shaker screens

The openings for such PU screen ranged from 0.075mm to 1.0mm. Among these apertures there are screens with length way and cross way, also some of them only have yarn embedded in cross side.

Furthermore, we have the Urethane shaker screen made by polyurethane and steel frame inserted. Such design provide more hardness and exact separation point for certain operation. Another polyurethane screen panel is the whole plate punched with square or circle hole.

Different use of PU screens

They can be used in drilling fluid process for HDD industry. Also they can be used on mining screening machine. Including the metal or non-metal. According to the material to be filtered there are different compounding on screen panels.

For the slurry or desanding separation plant, most clients use hook strap PU screen as the picture shown. Such screens can be used as long as 6-8 month and even longer

Pirce of Aipu urethane shaker screens

Different design and opening size request different price. Popular ones are priced at USD780/PC. However, this is much lower than other famous brand. And you will certainly get high quality products

We’ve supplied over 100 panels such screen all over the globe. Some of them are used in mining selection some are in the deanding plant. Our users are very satisfied with our product and price.

Now we are discussing more cooperation in different opening size screen. Such as the 0.045mm, 0.35mm and so on. Presently, we are not able to produce 45microns urethane screen. They wish we develop such size together to save their cost.

Please feel free to contact Aipu on urethane screen panels.


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