Aipu shaker screens FAQ

Aipu shaker screens are popular with many clients all over the globe. Many first clients are doubting with many questions please find following FAQ of Aipu shaker screens for your reference

What can Aipu offer?

Aipu produce almost makes and modes of shaker screen in oilfield drilling all over the world. Including replacement screen for famous shaker and OEM screen for our own shale shakers. The mesh sizes widely ranged from 10 mesh to 400 mesh, among which 40~300 mesh are popular

Pleased to provide users high quality products of different types Aipu shaker screens. Such as the Derrick FLC series screen, NOV Brandt KC series screen, M-I SWACO Mongoose shaker screen. And no matter you request flat panel or pyramid panel we trust you will be satisfied with all items

Aipu shaker screens quality?

Aipu shaker screens

Aipu shaker screens

All products will be made of high quality raw material. The screen cloth will be S.S304 at least and according to actual mesh size there will be S.S304L, S.S316, S.S316L wire mesh in various configuration. The frame steel are national standard from reliable factory, rubber strip or seal rubber is finished by digital machine tool with 3 coordinate for more strong adhesive capacity and exquisite appearance.

The packages will reflect quality as well. Proper package will definitely protect screen out of damage. Usually we provide cartons as first cover. Then put them on to pallet or box. If on pallet, we’ll cover the screen panels with plastic film completely; if in box, before putting them in box we’ll put one plastic paper next to sides as secondary protection

And for air shipment and almost LCL sea shipment, we kindly suggest poly wood box as package to avoid damage during rough handling. But some clients prefer pallets always since they request less weight and  it’s convenient to check all screen panels with obvious information and quantity

Does Aipu screen sample expense anything?

Aipu shaker screens sample are free for you. BUT, with quantity and model limit, furthermore, we kindly request all of users send us detail feedback with sufficient information as below. Working hours/service life, working condition, ambient environment, drilling depth, mud property, and so on

Such information will be great reference on verifying actual quality of our shaker screens. Will also help users compare screens objectively.

For more FAQ of Aipu shaker screens please come to us right now!

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