Shaker screen quality assurance at Aipu solids control

Shaker screen quality is important issue for whole shaker performance. How Aipu solids ensure screen quality? What are the main issues we do?

Shaker screen quality composition

To know the composition of quality we have to know shaker screen structure or materials. Some shaker screens are framed screen panel, some are hook strip screen.

For framed screen panel, the frame quality will impact shaker screen quality certainly. Aipu screen is manufactured using high quality national standard carbon steel tube with high yield. All specifications including thickness, elements are conform with national or int’l standard

Shaker screen quality

Shaker screen quality

Dimensional tolerances are ensured with the use of machined welding fixtures. Each frame is inspected and checked for flatness before the screen manufacture process begins

Regards the screen cloth. High quality stainless steel wire mesh is the essential insurance. Each roll of wire mesh cloth is checked for conformance to tolerances and visually inspected for weaving flaws before manufacture begins. All screens comply with API RP13C standard.

Why we suggest high quality screen for you?

Some clients ever asked me, why you don’t sell screens at lower price? There are so many suppliers doing this, and so many users prefer lower price ones. Frankly speaking, we would like to expand our biz volume. We wish sell the screen up to 1000000 panels per year.

However, the users operating shaker, using screens will increase much much cost, time, and energy. Yes, for some screens, we are not sure for 400 hours service life. But high quality raw material, strict manufacture procedure will definitely give us more assurance than those lower cost ones.

Shaker performance

Shaker performance

Shaker screen quality is not only the usable life. But also the performance, filtration efficiency, the accurate cut point, the cost-efficiency, the general true ratio between quality and cost.

We sincerely wish all of our customers feel happy and satisfied with Aipu screens. From appearance to our after-sales. From the price to the performance. As professional screen manufacturer, of course we know how to control or cut cost. But we trust, reasonable price will let us go further and better.

Aipu quality shaker screen

Aipu shaker screen quality is known as high level among all our users. Aipu screen price is known as good one. Not the highest one, neither the lowest one. But trust, ours is best one, the most reasonable one

We can provide you lower price screen. If you insist we’ll make it according to your budget. Trust you’ll find their difference easily.

Please contact Aipu solids control for free screen sample. Or for any further details.


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