API RP13C Shaker screen details for your reference

API 13C Shaker screen means screen panel for shaker from manufacturer holding API certificate and the panels have got API RP13C test report

Main specifications of API screen

Shaker screens specification including mesh size or API number. Also the separation point or cut point value. Furthermore, the dimension pattern, conductance and non-blanked area usually display on the tag.

Besides above information, we need to consider the raw material of screen. Such as material grade, detail cloth layers. The punched hole on the back support sheet, including pattern and size.

For example, AIPU screen replacement for PMD500 screen API 70 hold 202.3 microns. The conductance is 3.03Kd/mm. That is at high end of API 70 range. This will lead higher non blanked area nad higher penetration efficiency.

Details of high quality shaker screens

We all know the first impression of quality is from appearance. Such as the surface evenness, the cloth brightness, and there is no leakage of coat neither glue. The separation point accuracy is the essential factor affecting screen performance.

More tiny detail including handles, rubber seal, end or edges fo panels. That means the accessories of panel should be reliable and adaptable for oilfield working condition.

Besides above factors of screen itself, we consider tags or labels and packages as other issues standing for quality in some degree.

High quality Aipu shaker screen

Why clients select Aipu? How does Aipu make high quality shaker screen? Firstly, we have shared over 20 years of screen we know what clients need. Then, we make sure of screen panels holding the exact API size. Thirdly, we treat every tiny things serious for top quality

From raw material to the package and marks. Aipu always do the best to serve clients well. Please find some pictures for your reference. Trust you’ll find Aipu screen is different with others’. You have demand or any questions on API RP13C shaker screen? Feel free to contact us now!


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