Shaker screens replace for Hunter series shaker

Shaker screens replace for Hunter series shaker including 2 main types. The Hunter-MG and Hunter-D.

Hunter series shale shaker

Hunter-MG shale shaker including different design on screen panels number, also the deck number. Furthermore, the shaker can be single deck tandem, dual tandem and the triple tandem. It depends on clients’ preference and the working condition

Besides above appearance, there are vibration mode option. Such as, linear motion, balanced elliptical motion and the dual motion. The operation or shift between dual motion is very convenient and easy.

Screens on Hunter-MG can be the composite frame or the steel frame. We use the wedge blocks to press or install the screen panels on shaker deck. While, the screens on Hunter-D we suggest steel frame. But very a few clients prefer the hook strapping screen.

Moreover, there is mini screen panel for Hunter-Mini shaker. We call it mini since the shaker is more compact and holding less screen area.

Hunter-MG Screen

Hunter-MG Screen

Screen panels for Hunter shaker

Shaker screen area of Hunter-MG3 is over 2㎡, while Hunter-MG4 is over 2.7㎡.  Hunter-D series screen holds area over 0.7㎡/pc. It’s larger than Hunter-MG ones. Usually, Hunter-MG is more popular than Hunter-D

Screen sizes including API 40 to API 325. These are very normal and popular items. We can finish the panels very soon. If there is a special demand on screen, such as API 400, it may take longer time

How to order shaker screens replace for Hunter series shaker

Please tell us do you need to replace Hunter-D series or MG series screen. What is the mesh size of shaker you need?  Such as API number, or the separation point. Tell us the quantity you need.

If you need to order it urgently at your side, please send exactly screen information to your local suppliers. Including but not limited to screen dimension, API number you need, quantity, picture, or even shaker picture.

If you need any assistance from us, please contact us freely. We’ll give you the solutions at the earliest.

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