Pilling mud recycling system

Pilling mud recycling system is the unit to recycle pilling slurry including filtration, precipitation, decanter separation.

Pilling mud recycling information

Pilling mud system will provide necessary slurry or mud to the sealed chamber for pilling. The slurry holding proper gravity, viscosity with high quality Bentonite. It will meet demand on realizing stable penetration, and so on

Pilling mud recycling system

Pilling mud recycling system

Pilling mud will transfer the cutting sands to ground for further process and separation. Finally, the slurry will be reused. Pilling mud system including 2 components. The new slurry and the recycled slurry. Pilling mud process system will achieve separation, blending, transfer for whole pilling project.

And the pilling mud recycling system is kindly suggested include shale shaker, hydrocyclone, and decanter centrifuge as main separation device. In short, pilling mud system will definitely save the cost or whole pilling project.

Shale shaker in pilling mud system

Shale shaker main function is the pre-separation. It will firstly get rid of large particles in ball shape or block. Shaker can be designed as double deck or triple deck. Usually, the first deck screen will separate 2~4mm solids out of slurry. Such discharged solids containing water less than 25%. They can be delivered away by carriage.

The shale shakers in pilling mud system are a bit different with oilfield shale solids shaker. The screen panel will be more coarse with thicker wire or grid beam. Such design will lead higher flow rate without screen blocking.

Pilling hydrocyclone and decanter centrifuge

In pilling mud process, hydrocyclone separators are desander and desilter. They will process 15~74 microns solid. And there will be bottom shaker below hydrocyclone. Pilling slurry after desilter unit will be containing less and smaller solid.

After hydrocyclones, to achieve environment-friendly and best cost saving we’ll configure centrifuge as final pilling mud recycling unit. In the decanting centrifuge system we’d better fit a pill feeding unit as well. For each pilling mud system we kindly suggest 3 sets centrifuge, one among which is spare one.

Such design is general configuration. Based on different ground condition, and project site there will be difference. Please come to us for further question or interest


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