Replacement Cobra series shaker screen for sale at AIPU

Replacement Cobra series shaker screen is popular product at AIPU. There are different models, and sizes. Please find more information below

Steel framed replacement Cobra series shaker screen

AIPU manufactures high-quality screen panels replaces for Cobra series shaker screen. There are different pattern or models for steel framed Cobra series screen. Such as the hexagonal punched hole on support plate, or the square hole on the sheet.

For back support frame, there are 2 designs. One is only lateral support tube, the other is both lateral and vertical tube.

Replacement Cobra series shaker screen

Replacement Cobra series shaker screen

Furthermore, for screens layer and configuration, there are different patterns, too. Such as the oblong hole with high penetration, the square hole with market grade wire mesh, the screen cloth with fine or coarser wire.

We know, Cobra series shaker screen suit Cobra family shaker, and LCM shaker. For Cobra series screen, there are common Cobra and VENOM series. Difference is the frame height

Composite framed Cobra screen replacement

Composite framed screen is popular since the durable frame and steady screen cloth on frame. Compared with steel frame screen, the composite ones are more easier to make and more durable.

King Cobra series screen

King Cobra series screen

Aipu has the latest edition composite frame Cobra screens. They can be black color, or the orange color, even some other custom built colors, but depends on the quantity you need

The pyramid type Cobra series screen for sale

Both the steel frame and composite frame Cobra screen can be made as pyramid type. However, compared to steel frame, the composite frame pyramid screen panel is more easy to fabricate. And the composite framed pyramid screen is holding lower peak than steel framed ones

Clients and users prefer the pyramid type screen since the larger screen area and better separation performance.

Please come to AIPU find more information on replacement Cobra series shaker screen.


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