Bottom screens for hydrocyclone separators and mud cleaner

Bottom screens are the screen cloth on bottom shakers of hydrocyclone separator and mud cleaner. The screen types vary since the shakers design are different

Bottom screens types

There are different designs on bottom shaker for desander, desilter, and mud cleaner. Such as the mini bottom shaker with screen sized 1600x600mm with hook for downward strap, or the 1200x600mm.

There is also bottom screen same as common shale shaker Hunter-Mini or Hunter-MG3, and so on. The screens will be framed or hook-strap panel with area over 1.3M².

Bottom screens

Bottom screens

Screens for bottom shaker of separator or mud cleaner can be Hunter-Mini, Huter-MG, or Hunter-D series shaker. Different clients will request different screen area based on actual condition and their budget

Hydrocyclone separator design on bottom shaker

Hydrocyclone separator including Desander and Desilter. Some clients prefer the discharge chute to the mini bottom shaker. Some clients prefer the big bottom shaker as primary shaker, such as Hunter-MG, Hunter-D.

The bottom shale shaker can be linear motion or circular motion. Bottom screens are tensioning rod mounted, or draw bar and bolts tensioned, or the wedge block compressed. The common mesh size varies from 100 to 270. Panels number can be 1~4 panels

Aipu bottom screens for cleaner

Aipu bottom screens for cleaner

Bottom shaker for mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is the combination of shaker, desander and desilter.  For bottom shaker, we provide many options. Such as Hunter-MG3, Hunter-MG4, Hunter-Mini, Hunter-D3, Hunter-D4. For small mud cleaner we can supply the mini bottom shaker, too

And the motions including linear motion, BEM or the dual motion. Screen area varies from about 1㎡~2.9㎡. Screen types including pre-tensioned framed ones and the hook strap ones. The composite framed ones and the steel framed ones. The flat panels and the corrugated ones

Please get more information from AIPU solids now. Call us if you have any interest or questions. No matter your own bottom shaker screen or the replacement for other brand and makes screen, AIPU will be your reliable solution


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