HDD mud recycling shaker features

HDD mud recycling shaker is the shaker in the mud system to recycle or reclaim the drilling fluids during HDD.

Shale shakers for HDD mud system

Shaker for oil drilling solids control and HDD mud system is with the common principle. Separation and vibration then transfer the solids away. The useful fluids will flow back to the bore or mud motor again. And we use shaker to process drilling fluids since we wish get a better environment, as well as cost-saving.

According to our experience, shaker for mud recycling during HDD is usually linear motion type. And comparing with oilfield shakers, the shakers are usually smaller since less mud flow rate. But there is big system configuring with big shaker and even dual tandem shakers.

HDD mud recycling shaker

HDD mud recycling shaker

The mud recycling system for HDD flow rate is defined by rig backing force. Such as 200T, 450T, 1000T, and so on. Higher force requests larger flow. So we select shaker accordingly, too.

AIPU Shaker for HDD mud processing

The difference between HDD shaker and Oil shaker including, explosion-proof or not. Will we use the shaker as a shaker or the 4 in 1 equipment? As we know, many HDD projects are in the city, even downtown, so the space is very limited. So compact design is more popular with users. For some mini economical system, we set the hydrocyclones over shaker.

Flow procedure is pump transfer mud from pit or existing tank to shaker. Then the solids or cuttings will be filtered out of fluid and fluid will pass through the screen into the tank. We pump fluid in the tank by centrifugal pump to hydrocyclones. Then the fluid with finer solid at discharge of cones will be sprayed out for further separation on screen. While the clean fluid will flow along the overflow discharge line into the clean tank or pit for reuse.

For HDD mud processing, we provide Hunter-Mini shaker, Hunter-MG and Hunter-D series shaker. If necessary, we can design it as double deck and multiple tandem shaker.

Please tell us your detailed demand or any special requirements. You will get the optimal solutions at the real reasonable cost.


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