Decanting centrifuge for drilling mud solids control

Decanting centrifuge is the 4th phase solids control equipment also the 5th cleaning equipment. Here the cleaning means removing both cuttings and gas in the drilling fluids.

General information of centrifuges

Centrifuges for drilling fluids system are typical and mature equipment. We process drilling mud with cuttings or harmful particles by it. Decanter centrifuge removes fine solids from 2 to 7microns, ye, this data both results from centrifuge speed and material density.

We transfer drilling mud in the tank of desilter to centrifuge by screw pump or the submersible slurry pump. The particles are mainly finer than 15 microns. Users need centrifuges to remove solids like gel. Since the desilter hydrocyclones have removed the particles larger than 15 microns.

Centrifuge decanting including screw, drum, guard, coupling, gearbox, motor, base, control panel, and so on. Moreover, considering the general structure or function, there are feed inlet, fluid discharge port, solid discharge port, flow division port, collection box, etc. The wet parts are high quality stainless steel material, while the other parts are usually carbon steel. And components are almost standard interchangeable ones.

Decanting centrifuge

Decanting centrifuge

The position of centrifuge is behind desilter in a drilling mud solids control system, generally. Behind centrifuge, there is mud mixing hopper usually. Because, we mix or compound drilling fluid with clean fluids and chemical material. However, sometimes there are different layout or design.

Different centrifuges

Dividing centrifuges according to speed. There are low speed, middle speed, and high speed centrifuge.

Considering frequency there are fixed speed and VFD centrifuge.

If we consider the structure of centrifuge, there are decanter centrifuges, and the disc centrifuges.

Referring to function or applications, there are solids control or cuttings removal centrifuge and the barite recovery centrifuge.

While as per industries, there are chemical centrifuge, food centrifuge, oil centrifuge, and so on

According to separation material phases, there are 2 phase and 3 phase centrifuge. For 2 phase centrifuge there are liquid-liquid, liquid-solids centrifuges; for 3 phase centrifuge there are liquid-liquid-solids and liquid-liquid-liquid separation design. Only if the density of material is different, the separation can be achieved.

Another division is drive mode. Such as electrical motor and hydraulic driven centrifuge. For hydraulic driven type, there are more stable performance.

There are so many different centrifuges, we oil and gas drilling fluids process usually utilize middle speed decanter centrifuge and high speed centrifuge. And for high speed decanting centrifuge, VFD ones are more popular. For other application for oil and gas industry, there are oil sludge treatment and waste management utilizing decanting centrifuges.

Aipu provides the optimal centrifuge solution to users according to practical working condition. From drilling mud process to waste management, from barite recovery to sludge treatment. Come to us if you do have any question or demand.

Spare parts of centrifuge

A centrifuge is the 4th phase solids control equipment that requests little maintenance. Especially when we operate them legally according to the user manual or instructions. What are the spare parts of the decanter centrifuges? Please find the reference below.

V belt, the pressure injector, indicator, the spring, the fuse, the coupling, bearings, seals, and so on. Such parts are very easy to purchase in the market. Furthermore, Aipu always keeps sufficient stock for users, too. Compared with other equipment such as shale shaker, centrifuge requests less wearing parts.

Furthermore, we need to operate and maintain centrifuges properly by professional persons. We all know besides proper decanter centrifuge operation the maintenance is important as well. The maintenance including motor check, gearbox, belt, drum, screw conveyor, discharge port, rings, bearings, and so on. Checking items are centrifuge brushes, timer, speed and electrical leaks, and so on

Please don’t hesitate to contact Aipu solids control regards to any questions of centrifuges. We are able to produce not only standard centrifuges in the industry but also some ODM products. Such as when you have special requirements on equipment dimension, or you have special requirements on electrical input system.

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