Latest shaker screen technology for better performance

Shaker screen technology is mature for decades. From the hook strap to the corrugated panel, from stainless steel to polyurethane. From the single layer to the repairable panel.

Better performance on shaker screen

Screen panels are wearing parts, there are many different types of screens. We evaluate screen performance according to separation efficiency, filtration accuracy and effectiveness. We’ll test the mud under shaker to check property and features

Besides above issues, the screen life is another factor regards performance. However, all of these points come to the screen quality.

So, users need a better performance on shaker screen means they need long life screen. And these screens hold a higher efficiency, better accuracy and a larger conductance.

Latest shaker screen

Latest shaker screen

The latest development of AIPU Screens

AIPU has worked on the breakthrough of screen panel for many years. We all know composite frame screen and the PMD®️ screen sheet is the typical leap forward on screen manufacture and technique. When they were developed, the better performance and result lead to clients’ better satisfaction and feedback

But now, according to present experience and incomplete data even the longest life of screen is about 25 days. For some tough working condition and bad geological site, the service life even only 20 hours.

The latest screen developed by AIPU will last over 30 days at least. Furthermore, the screen mesh size is more accurate. This is a new technique on screen cloth, it’s adaptable to different types of screen panel. No matter the hook strap or the pre-tensioned type.

Mesh size of new technology screens

Latest shaker screen size range from API 20 to API 325. For some special need, the API 400, API 450, and finer ones are available, too. Popular ones including API 40 to API 170.

Please feel free to contact us for any interest or questions. Aipu will be the final stop of you seeking great screen panels.


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