Urethane shaker screen size and other specifications

Urethane shaker screen is hot sales product of Aipu. This year, we delivered over 50 panels such screen. Some of the clients are contractor of HDD or other civil construction, some are mining industry user, some the the “stack sizer” manufacturer.

What are urethane shaker screen sizes?

Urethane shaker screen sizes including the overall dimension of screen, the opening or aperture size. The aperture size will vary from each other if design and technique different. Furthermore, different manufacturers will have their own specification.

Urethane shaker screen

Urethane shaker screen

For example, the soft hook strip polyurethane screen can be designed with 0.075mm, 0.43mm, 1mm, and so on apertures. The hole size can be 0.43mmx12mm, or 0.075x10mm, etcetera. The framed urethane screen panel can be manufactured with 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and so on. The hole size will be 2x30mm, 5x30mm, and so on

Nowadays, popular urethane shaker screen are the replacement screen for Derrick Plyweb. More and more client realize long service life of urethane screen benefit much on solids separation process. Averagely, one polyurethane screen can last 6~8 month. That’s significant advantage.

More specification of polyurethane screens

Besides size or dimension, the color, material, tensioning method are common features capture clients’ preference. Polyurethane screen is easy to get custom built color. Such as red, orange, yellow, and so on.

Urethane screen panel

Urethane screen panel

The material is rather important, some polyurethane screen is more soft or flexible, while some are hard. This difference comes from raw material. Per tensioning method, PU shaker screen including hook strip type and wedge blocked type. Different shaker design and different use request certain screen type.

What screen do you need

Relatively, urethane shaker screen is more durable, more anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive than S.S screen panel. If soft hook strip type, it is lighter than S.S one.

Its operational life is much much longer, its opening size is more exact and easy to customize.

Please contact Aipu freely for any question or detail demand on polyurethane screen.


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