Shaker screen repair plugs

Screen repair plugs are the part to repair screen with broken hole. It can save time and cost during shaker operation.Screen repair is made as fast and efficient as possible with the use of the high quality shaker screen repair plug. The plug allows the screen to be used until around 20% of the surface area is blanked off

Screen repair plugs type

Screen repair plug type means the plug shape, plug material, plug size, and so on. These are decided by shaker screen back plate hole shape, screen type, height, etc.

For example, the Cobra series screen holding hexagonal hole will request hexagonal plugs with about 2.5cm side and 8mm thickness. It is usually made of rubber with high strength. There is a small slot on 6 sides for inserting tightly in punched hole. Please find picture for more reference

Screen repair plugs

Screen repair plugs

Another repair plug is the rectangle one for Mongoose screen. Such plugs are block type and much thicker than the ones for Cobra screen. The material is also rubber, but upon clients’ requirement we can make it with polyurethane, plastic, etc.

How to use the screen plugs?

Let’s take Mongoose screen repair plugs as example. Remove damaged screen from shaker and clean thoroughly using power hose or similar tool. Then please turn the screen over and lay the screen on a flat surface (a bench or the floor, for example) in an area free of obstructions. Place the plug above the damaged panel with the hollow section facing up. Push the plug in as far as it goes. Place a second plug on top of the first plug with the hollow section facing down. Push down on both plugs with your hand until the first plug clicks into place. If the plug does not click into place, use a hammer or a mallet to tap the second plug. Hold the second plug in place with a finger to prevent it from jumping back. Make sure both ends of the plug are struck firmly.

When the plug is fitted correctly, the second plug will sit flush with the rest of the frame. Remove the second plug from the frame. Once the first plug is in place, it cannot be removed

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