Hunter-M4 shale shaker for sale

Hunter-M4 shale shaker is Aipu own shaker designed with 4 panel framed screens. It’s linear motion type with 2 vibrator motor. Please find more information as following

Hunter-M4 shaker specification

Vibration mode                                       Linear motion
Motor power                                           1.86KW /Explosion-proof (Martin brand)
Vibration strength                                 >6.5G
Amplitude                                               5~6mm
Capacity                                                   140m³/h
Deck adjustment                                    -1~3°
Electrical system                                   380V/50HZ
Shaker screen                                         585x1165mm x 4
Noise                                                        ≤85db
Weight                                                     1680kg

Hunter-M4 shaker for sale

Hunter-M4 shale shaker for sale

This is parameters of shaker in stock. If you don’t need shaker urgently, we can change motor to be larger for higher vibration strength and with 460V/60HZ, etc. Furthermore, there are other options for you. Such as motor brand, screen frame material, dual tandem or triple tandem, and the surface color.

Hunter-M4 shale shaker features

Achieve effective 1st phase drilling mud solids control.Widely used in oil and gas drilling. Great performance provides good condition for further process. Decrease much cost on process or waste

¤High treating capacity

¤Large screen area

¤High vibration force

¤Flexible adjustment on deck angle

¤Fast change on shaker screen

¤Less spare parts

¤High quality material with heat treatment on whole shaker basket

¤Utilized anti-abrasion&anti-corrosion paint, and S.S fasteners

¤Longer service life

This Hunter-M4 can work similar as High-G drying shale shaker after installing vibrator motor with stronger vibration force as well as proper shaker screen. It will bring us better separation result. All cuttings discharged will be more dry. Saving much more cost for user. It’s optimal solution for drilling waste management

Stock Hunter-M4 shaker price and delivery

We fabricated this Hunter-M4 shale shaker in March 2016. We’ve shown it at CIPPE. Many clients are interested in it due to slow even frozen market it is in stock now. If you are interested we can deliver it in 3 days after finishing some necessary job for better appearance and delivery.

If you have special requirements besides present specification please give us detail and we’ll quote you shortest lead time. The price is USD15500 FOB Xingang,China or FOB Xi’an,China. You also can ship it away from our facility. We trust this Hunter-M4 shaker is your ideal choice for competitive cost and short lead time.


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