Shaker screen colors and why there are different colors

Shaker screen colors are the color of screen frame. No matter the steel one or the composite frame one, the color can be changed easily and flexibly. Why there are different colors? How can be achieve this?

Shaker screen colors available at AIPU

There are orange color, yellow color, green color, and black color. Some clients will request gray and blue color. No matter which color you prefer it can be easily achieved. By now, the orange and black composite framed screen panel are popular. For the steel frame screen, the green one is more ordered

Shaker screen colors

Shaker screen colors

How can we give you right solution on your requirement? Usually we will evaluate the quantity of certain model screen you need. Then we’ll offer you the lead time and cost for your screens accordingly

How can we make different color?

To make different color on screen panel need the color powder. We can select the green or yellow color powder and then mix them into the special material to be made as frames.

AIPU V300 Replacement screen

AIPU V300 Replacement screen

Under the extreme high temperature, the powder, and frame material will be mixed thoroughly and evenly. Then we’ll get panels we expect

What is disadvantages of different color screen?

We know the paint oil or the color powder even got once there will be slight difference. The color variation always can’t be prevented. So colorful panels may be different from each other even same color

Furthermore, when we make the colorful panel of composite frame after the black one we’ll have to disposed much previous material to get bright color we prefer. Compared with others’ screen frame, AIPU ones are very different. Such as steel frame will be more shining and exquisite. The yellow frame will be some dark yellow and when you touch the frame surface you will feel not too slithery.

Come here to find more about AIPU screen colors. You can tell us your colors, too


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